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PLA: Finding OZ: Discovering a Bright Future for Libraries

Slides will be on Abram’s Web site at SIRSI where he will also be launching a blog! Stephen Abram, Monday March 7, Palmer House Hilton Intro: “Favorite thing is to figure out where users, libraries and our communities are going to be…” Some building blocks of info: Florida study from Midwinter: ROI on library services in the state Free=Unfettered Access: http://arl.cni.org/sparc/meetings/ala05mw Shame on us for not allowing walk in users Why are we using these technologies? How do we transform our users with them? How does one person persuade many? Charts? Rational Argument? Dialogue? Storytelling? = HIGH efficacy For more: […]

Greetings from the Palmer House!

Greetings from PLA Symposium! I have no connection in the meeting rooms but I am making notes to post here. Yesterday I spent 3 hours with 200 librarians listening to Stephen Abram’s talk “Finding Oz.” It was incredible. Jenny wrote: Also, I’ve decided that Stephen Abram is the library world?s Jeff Jarvis. He ?gets? everything – the whole enchilada ? and he?s incredibly good?at articulating it! When Stephen talks, you?d better listen! I wholeheartedly agree. I wrote on my evaluation that every PLA member should hear Abram’s message. This is the future folks…get ready!