Monthly Archives: March 2005

What’s on my bedside table you ask? (well…maybe you didn’t but I’ll tell you anyway!) A few weeks of Entertainment Weekly: Gotta stay in tune with pop culture, yes? 2003 OCLC Enviromental Scan: Pattern Recognition: I can’t say enough about this one. This report to the OCLC membership includes a […]

Bedside Table Reading

Good stuff here: So here are some of the pros and cons (for our particular situation), and my general questions . . . Pros it’s saves several thousands of dollars a year ? it’s free! it works ? bonus! no messy setup or clunky interfaces; uses a medium that […]

IM solving VR Woes

Thanks to Robin!!! So I set “My Page” up real quick and will return to mess with the features soon. Right now I use flickr, Audio Scrobbler, etc… will these sites or sites like them be absorbed into virtual community clearinghouse. Is Yahoo! 360′ the next stop for Flickr? […]

Yahoo! 360′ – Thanks Robin!