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The Importance of Wikis in the Library

Will Richardson spoke about Wikis @ Your Library and it was one of my most anticipated sessions. I am currently working a s a Research assistant for UNT to set up a wiki for the Info Science Doc students to build our own spot of collaborative discusions, entries and data. (I am sorry I haven’t written much about my studies this semester…a lot has been happening!) Will said a Wiki is a difficult thing to define. But he did an excellent job: “Sometimes chaotic, sometimes amazing tool to create collaborative content on the Internet. A wiki is something anyone can […]

Bedside Table Reading

What’s on my bedside table you ask? (well…maybe you didn’t but I’ll tell you anyway!) A few weeks of Entertainment Weekly: Gotta stay in tune with pop culture, yes? 2003 OCLC Enviromental Scan: Pattern Recognition: I can’t say enough about this one. This report to the OCLC membership includes a look at the social, technology, economic and library landscape as well as future trends for libraries, a focus on content, and much much more. Just the Glossary and Readings List are worth the $16 it cost for it to be shipped to my door. The volume includes a section on […]

Scott Brandt is Too Sexy

David King has remixed Scott’s rap from the Dead Tech session at CIL2005 and I’ve already loaded it on my iPod Shuffle! Don’t miss this one… maybe Greg can get Scott to do an unplugged version on Open Stacks!

IM solving VR Woes

Good stuff here: So here are some of the pros and cons (for our particular situation), and my general questions . . . Pros it’s saves several thousands of dollars a year ? it’s free! it works ? bonus! no messy setup or clunky interfaces; uses a medium that many/most students are already familiar with ability to create customized ‘queues’ per subject or librarian for things like subject pages (simply create an appropriate and different screen name for that purpose), which with VR software can cost around $3000 per librarian it’s ‘disposable’: one thing that really bothers me about […]

Yahoo! 360′ – Thanks Robin!

Thanks to Robin!!! So I set “My Page” up real quick and will return to mess with the features soon. Right now I use flickr, Audio Scrobbler, etc… will these sites or sites like them be absorbed into virtual community clearinghouse. Is Yahoo! 360′ the next stop for Flickr? (I think it will be – “Share Photos” was all over in 360′)