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SJCPL IM Reference Expands to Audio Visual

This is in the works for the library’s Sights & Sounds department! Direct IM capability to find out if music, movies or audiobooks are available. I’ll be training a bit with the staff before they go live. I was tickled to see we are on the right track when I saw Jenny’s post about Lansing Public Library and their multiple screen names. “Kelli wrote, ?Our library is on 2 levels, so we have separate screen names for different age groups. AskLPLAdult, AskLPLTeen, AskLPLYouth?(we’re on Yahoo & AOL).? She went on to note that a few weeks ago, they received IMs […]

Making Podcasts Searchable?

MacMerc reports: http://www.macmerc.com/news/archives/2189 Podscope: Welcome Podcasters! Podscope is the Internet’s first spoken-word search engine for audio and video podcasts. If you would like to extend the the audience of your podcast by making it searchable please provide us with an RSS link below. Hmmm… I would me more inclined to embrace podcasting completely if I could search for content.

Pondering the Place of Weblogs

Nice post at Weblogs in Higher Edcucation. Ken writes about discussing weblogs with a friend who sticks mainly with newspapers, journals, columnists, etc. I found myself saying that bloggers were performing a different function than columnists. Sure, once in awhile bloggers carry out a direct act of reporting or research that could just as well have been done by a journalist. I think bloggers are processing issues and facts, passing ideas around, turning them over and over, nudging them, extending their reach, recontextualizing them, and otherwise living with ideas and information and drawing them out into wider communities to test […]