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Out into the Community…and a Dunking Booth

Nice flickr set from The Loud Librarian: what a neat idea to have a Summer Reading Program Luau and put folks in a dunk tank. And to use flickr to share the images! Well Done! TLL writes: “Saturday (once again the hottest day in all of creation) was our end of Summer Reading Program luau block party. It was hours of work, but everyone had a good time, and Becca got some really great photos from the event. My first task was to man the dunking booth while Jessy (our fearless YA librarian) took the fall over and over and […]

Librarian’s Voices on Library Blogs

Just saying: Here’s a nice post to the SJCPL Lifeline by our AV librarian. It speaks to me becuase it’s written in Julie’s voice. I know she hearts Cusack and it certainly comes through in the post. Just returning from the lake, I spent four hours in the car with The Cluetrain Manifesto and one of the pints is to speak in your own voice when participating in the Web. Well done Julie. Library bloggers – file this one under Notable Examples of Great Library Blogging!