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August…a few days off

Karen speaks the truth: “But the French have it right: taking a breather in August is a good idea. September will come, and with it the usual efforts. Folks..I have a semester to finish including a paper and a proposal to the IRB for a Web Survey we’ll discuss this fall, some presentations to draft and some pondering to do. I’ll be back before Labor Day..but for now, TTW is unplugged for awhile. Sit back…relax…breathe… see you soon!

An IM Conversation about IM and the fact that our work here is not yet done

Here’s the text of a chat I had a couple of days ago. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. This person was IMing from Europe. Cool Librarian in Europe: Hi want just to tell you I appreciate TTW a lot from here in ______ MS: greetings from the USA! CLIE: I particularly follow the IM for VR issue, we’re very very far from this in here. i am fascinated by it MS: IM & jybe could be very powerful CLIE: I try to promote IM when I teach students hox to use e-resources, but it’s not easy […]