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Defining Library 1.0

Libraries (and any bureaucracy) are excellent at planning and preparing ? we often prepare and plan for years ? but when those plans are put into place and executed we have a tendency to walk away without performing constant follow-up… I think that what we need to remember is that Library 1.0 is a restrictive place, governed by strict hierarchies, rigid boundaries, and underpinned by change-avoidance. Perhaps this is sufficient — knowing what we are wanting to move away from and where we want to go. The mechanism that is Library 2.0 will assist us in this journey. Michael Casey […]

10 Things I Learned at Internet Librarian 2005

Finally things have calmed down. Here goes a long overdue summary of what I took home from Monterey. #1 Public Librarians Rule I had high hopes for the track when we got the go ahead from Jane to put it together. I am super-pleased with the feedback I’ve received. (and send more if you haven’t…) There was such energy in the room… so, one thing I learned is the folks that work at PLS really seem to be interested in new technologies and serving their users. Public Librarians rule because they care about their users and their buildings and the […]