PEW: Teens & Content

Via cj at Technobiblio! 🙂

Interesting stuff on content creation and collaboration:

Bloggers and to a lesser extent teens who read blogs are a particularly tech-savvy group of internet users. They have more technological tools such as cell phones and PDAs and are more likely to use them to go online. Not only do they live in technologically rich households, but they are more likely to have their own computer at home and to be able to use it in a private space. They help adults do things online. Most strikingly, they have more experience with almost all online activities that we asked about. Bloggers are more likely than non-bloggers to engage in everyday online activities such as getting news, using IM or making online purchases, but content creating and sharing activities are the areas where bloggers are far ahead of non-bloggers.

There’s a lot to think about here. How does this compare with the other studies we’ve seen? How are we serving the bloggers? The non-bloggers? How are we serving the teens who don’t have a technology rich household?

In my book, that bit alone is justification for offering IM software on library public computers, access to blog software and maybe a “how to” blog class, and the ever-popular “digital creation stations.”