iPods in Scottish Schools!


Here’s the HOT part about student created content and new ways to look at learning:

The school was chosen after it successfully bid to pilot the “iPodagogy” project in Scotland.

Pauline Walker, the school’s deputy headteacher, said the iPod could even allow the pupils to make their own television shows, which they may then download and watch back when they want.

“It’s another way of delivering school work which is exciting, rather than writing an essay,” she said. “Anything that helps to get the kids thinking will help them to learn.”

Ewan Aitken, the City of Edinburgh Council’s executive member for education, said it was vital that schools “push the boundaries” to keep pupils interested in learning.

He said: “It will create a seamlessness between what kids do at home and what they do in the classroom.

“Suddenly, school is not a foreign land, because you are doing what you do at home, so the pupils are less likely to get bored.”

Is an iPod becoming a social tool? As a means to share student (and library?) content, i would say YES.