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OCLC Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources

I cheered for the Scan at Gaming Symposium and immediately ordered a copy of OCLC’s Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources yesterday. Karen’s posted about it already. I went right to buying a hard copy so not only can I I can read it in bed but it can take it’s place next to the Scan on my Librarian’s bookshelves. UPDATE: The Librarian in Black blogs “Perceptions” as well!

The Collected Principles of Library 2.0 for Pondering

Returning from the Gaming Symposium, my head is FULL of thoughts about libraries, new services and adapting to change. I’m also awash in wrapping my head around the ongoing (and rapid) discussion playing out here and there in the Biblioblogosphere. I was reminded that Chad and Miller invited additions to their principles, and added my own over at ALA TechSource. I found a few others as well, and thought I might make a list to further my thinking. This is certainly not all-inclusive by any means and is intended just to paint a bigger picture. Ken Chad & Paul Miller: […]

Podcast is Word of the Year

http://socialsoftware.weblogsinc.com/entry/1234000157071472/ Yup…Podcast is the word of the year. Some questions then: Are you offering the technology for users to record their own podcasts at your library? Have you pondered what services might be enhanced with periodic podcasts? Will librarians play a role in the organization and dissemination of what potentially could be thousands and thousands of hours of audio content? (and video soon) Just askin’

Librarian Avatars

From TTW Comments: I just think this is cool. If you want a librarian avatar – skip over to Umeaa county library in Sweden and check this out: http://www.umearegionen.se/samverkanumearegionen/bibliotek/sokaochlana.4.d2f5f1101a6b3e70c800022607.html I like this little guy a lot. He reminds of Moby. 🙂

Low Cost Software on Public PCs..Your Input, Please!

Via Rachel: For an upcoming article in Computers in Libraries magazine, I’d like to hear from public libraries who are using free or very low-cost software on public-access computers. I’d particularly like to hear from smaller institutions and those who are using less common programs such as Tux Paint or Gimp. E-mail rachel(at)lisjobs.com, and I’ll send you just a few short questions. Thanks! – Rachel