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Abram on Library 2.0 and the Cluetrain

Rock On! Read Stephen Abram’s The Shop Window: Compelling and Dynamic Library Portals: There has been much discussion lately about the emergence of the next generation Web, colloquially referred to as Web 2.0. This is the emerging interactive Web, where two-way conversations are the norm, indeed the expectation. People demand these forms of advanced interaction with people and information. Those of us in Libraryland will be naive to ignore it, for it could hurt us. This emerging paradigm of the two-way Web is perfect for libraries. Indeed, some library folks are starting to talk about Library 2.0. Cool! It brings […]

The Worry Tank

What does it mean when two influential and well-spoken Library futurists incorporate the same cartoon in their presentations about libraries and librarians? I think it means we need to look at how we make decisions and the plans we put in place. Click to see it: Image from The New Yorker by Rox Chast Both Stephen Abram, at CPL Scholars in Residence, and Geroge Needham, at the Gaming Symposium, used this cartoon in their talks. It resonates with me because I believe it’s true: do we worry too much about our services and plans that things take FOREVER to get […]