Giving iLife ’06 a Trial Run

Podcast Studio

I’ve spent the last 90 minutes or so exploring iLife ’06 from Apple. It’s new this week and boasts loads of features. iPhoto runs smoother, the apps are even more integrated but the most intriguing pieces are iWeb and the Podcast Studio of Garageband.

Here’s a flickr set:

I was able to record a podcast in about 25 minutes and mix it down for iWeb to post at my .mac account. You can see the podcast blog and hear the podcast here:

There is a learning curve for Garageband but it’s not bad at all once you get a few things in place. The podcast includes a graphic and its in MPEG 4 format. I’m interested in how useful this might be.


TTW PodcastsAdded to iTunes

The iWeb software creates a front page of my podcast blog that includes a SUBSCRIBE button that automaticcally adds the podcast to iTunes. Wowza.

And here’s the easy as pie VIDEOCAST!