What they want, when they want it!* (Superpatron, Skagirlie, SJCPL and Marley & Me)

Marley & Me & SJCPL

I am enjoying the little plugins folks are coding to put the library’s holdings on sites such as Amazon. Who would have thunk it? I sit across from Skagirlie and today she got inspired. Superpatron’s coding for Ann Arbor District Library inspired her and as you can see in the screenshot, there’s a little bit of SJCPL on AMAZON!

No matter where you stand in the L2 discussion, it does indeed come down to offering folks what they want, when they want it, and this is an excellent example. From a non-coder, can I just ask the Superpatrons and Skagirlies and all the other BiblioCoders to give me MORE! 🙂 More library info on pages I surf please! And Blyberg takes it a step farther: get your patrons coding!


Nice screenshot from John Blyberg of a book available at AADL

*Thanks InfoTakesOver!