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Notes from ALISE

I spent three days at the Association of Library and Information Science Educators conference listening to talks, meeting other students and faculty, a discussing some of my interests with various folks. Here are some highlights and quotable quotes: A meet-up with Jonathan Furner, Assistant Editor, Dewey Decimal Classification for OCLC who writes the Dewey Blog and has the following personal interests, according to his “About Me” page: 306.42 709.04062 782.421660941 796.3340942615 840.9110904 901 “What happens if we do things ina whole new way? What do we need to do to create flexible propfessionals?” Dr. Randall Bass, Keynote A HOT conversation […]

Where Do we Go From Here?

Chris Deweese listens to Moby and gets reflective in a great post at Clam Chowder. He discusses how important buy in is for technology projects, especially administrative buy in! One thing I can tell you is that I had (have) a director that supported and encouraged my creativity and staff that understand the value of the web. I think you could have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have the support of people you work with and if they are not on board with where you want to go, then your talent will not reach it’s […]

ALISE Keynote: Randall Bass

http://www.alise.org/conferences/2006_Conference/2006_keynote.html The Difference that Inquiry Makes: Fostering a Scholarship of Teaching and a Culture of Learning Bass spoke to a an audience of library and information science educators about how education is changing. He showed a video a student made on civil rights (content creation!) and discussed what learning came from it. I finally had to say “Amen” at the end! Educators should ask: “what happens if I try this a whole new way?” We should be teaching for understanding. Understanding = flexible performance capability We should strive to educate flexible professionals.