I will blog because….

Welcome to the 1000th TTW post in its current incarnation! Thanks everyone!

Abram writes bout two memes making their way around the blogospher. “I will blog because…” and “I will as a school librarian…”

I will blog because it helps me expand my ideas with ideas from other people in the cyberworld who are thinking about the same things that I am thinking about

I will blog because I want to model social networking behavior for my colleagues and students.

I will blog because I need to “reinvent” myself as a Library Media Specialist in a changing world . . . once again!


I will collaborate with my peers from around the world ā€“ you will collaborate with peers in your school.

I will work with my collaborative learning group to complete a school project any time, any place, using a blog, wiki or other web-based collaborative tools – you will meet with your group in the library whenever you have the same “free” period.

I will add podcasts, video clips and other multimedia to my presentation and post it to the web – you will share it with your teachers and students.

Can I just say that hotness abounds! Here are my thoughts for this meme and to note the 1000th TTW post

I will blog because:

there are so many conversations to have between us and our users.

there are so many new things to learn about and test and report back on and this medium suits such things pretty darn well.

when I ask a room full of librarians “How many of you have a blog at your library’s web site” and three hands out of 70 go up, there’s still a message to convey.

I can easily store thoughts, data and bits of writing that I will need later and l know exactly where those bits are at all times.

anyone can have a voice in the biblioblogoshpere and share themselves and their thinking and I relish the chance to point to some new thinker and hopefully comment on their words.

it makes Michael Gorman look like a Big Goober for not getting that librarians + weblogs = a thriving community of practice that has enhanced my life and hopefully others.

I’m inspired by librarians who do what they do so well.

I like putting myself out there! šŸ™‚