Margaret Lincoln’s Night Blog at SLJ

Night Blog

Attention School Librarians, don’t miss UNT Cohort colleague Margaret Lincoln’s coverage of her work with students, blogging and the travelling Holocaust exhibit at School Library Journal. It’s fascinating and concrete proof of the power of blogging in schools.

The Night Blog is here.

As the media specialist in charge of coordinating technology related to Lakeview’s Holocaust unit, I created a blog so students could exchange their views of Night with kids 720 miles away in the English class of Honey Kern at Cold Spring Harbor High School in New York. Lakeview High School English teacher Carol Terburg found the blog to be an effective and engaging teaching tool, giving students the chance to talk to their peers in another part of the country. As a result, kids ended up exploring questions that were essential to their Holocaust lesson without realizing it. For example, one student asked, “How does one dehumanize another person/group?” Terburg says that her students found the blog to be the most meaningful activity related to Wiesel’s book.