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Computers in Libraries HOTNESS on the Horizon (Updated)

Hey folks! CIL 2006 is just around the corner! I know the scheduling of both CIL and PLA at the same time is so unfortunate but for those attending either or both conferences, there’s some fun to be had in DC this March. I’ve attended this conference since 2000 and it’s always lively and energizing. This year, I’m teaching a couple of workshops: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 Computers in Libraries Preconference Workshops: Morning Session: “Teaching the Internet” with D. Scott Brandt, Afternoon Session: Technology Planning for 21st Century Libraries. Wednesday I’m moderating Steven Cohen’s Communities track and at press time […]

Jessamyn on BiblioBlogger’s Ethics

File this with Karen’s work on Blogger’s Ethics as well. Jessamyn weighs in on the A List and her thoughts on how to be a well-recceived blogger.Thanks Jessamyn! be gracious with everyone be consistent lead by example encourage, nurture, read and link to newer bloggers meet bloggers in person whenever possible keep pissing matches and whining off your blog, take grudges offline read constantly, offline and online know what you are talking about and admit when you don’t make your content presentable and accessible and findable don’t turn down other opportunities to get your message out and make a good […]

Librarians: Act Like a Native to Navigate Our Changing Landscape

David Warlick speaks to teachers, it fits for our profession as well: But I believe that it is time that we stop hiding behind our immigrant status, and start acting like natives. We need to stop making excuses and start leading. We are teachers, after all. It’s our job to lead, not follow. Sure, we’ll never be able to keep up with our kids in lots of ways. They have the luxury of time and their brain cells are fresher. But it is our job to look into the future and then plan and lead the way for our children. […]