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UNT IMLS PhD Cohort Member Featured at NY Teacher

Via an e-mail from my cohort colleague Joyce: Hi All, Our own Rowena is featured in a New York Teacher article relating the importance of school library media specialists to student achievement. Way to go, Rowena! Yeah! Well done, Rowena! School libraries work! But they work only when the enthusiasm, energy and professional skills of the school librarian — known today as the library media specialist — make a school library come to life.

Technology and Education: Are Library Schools Doing Enough

Jenny blogs her notes from our morning session Friday at the Ontario Library Association conference: “Technology and Education: Are Library Schools Doing Enough.” I love Jenny’s super-duper note taking prowess! The group laughed when I invoked “LS2.” Also, I really enjoyed Jenny and Mary Cavanaugh’s presentations and the discussion that followed. Download my presentation here. Visit Dr. Steven MacCall’s syllabus for his “mashed-up” medical librarianship and Library 2.0 class here. Check out this idea for a class too!

Ontario Library Association Superconference & the Faculty of Information Studies

What a great excursion to Toronto! It was too short. I got to meet some wonderful folks, talk blogs and library education, and spend time with some of my favorite librarians. Here are some of my favorite moments: Meeting up with Sherri Vokey of ::schwagbag::: fame to speak at the ThisThursday@FIS Invited Speakers series at the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto. I got to present the results from the librarian blogger survey and talk weblogs and libraries with a bunch of cool people, including a discussion of wikipedia and the wisdom of crowds. Connie Crosby blogged […]

Stumble Synchronicity

Three different Canadian librarians spoke to me about Stumble. It’s a Firefox extension that lets me “stumble upon” all sorts of web sites I might be interested in after choosing topics from a menu or search box. Users, with pictures, can tag sites. I stumbled to the “libraries” list. This is fascinating, social stuff. Give it a try sometime.

Library 2.0 Starter List at Wayne State Looks like the cool folks at Wayne State University Libraries are looking toward Library 9.95 with this list from their “Emerging Issues Group.” As was discussed in WSULS’s Emerging Issues Group meeting yesterday, here’s a list of some categories and examples of “Web 2.0? or “Read/Write Web” applications. Future posts will add more categories and more examples of each, but here’s a basic list to get you started thinking about and exploring these ideas. [Note: I added Meebo to the Instant Messaging category, as it “lives on the web”]