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TAGGED: The Meme of Four

Thanks to Karen and John! Both tagged me so I’d better get on the ball. What a nice little post to write here in residence at the Hilton Garden Inn, Oak Brook Terrace, IL after 3 days of library-rich goodness. 4 Jobs I’ve had in my life: IU Student Union Information Desk Clerk Kinko’s Copy Clerk (for all of 7.5 hours, thank you) Busboy Music Store Sales Clerk 4 Movies I can watch over and over: Logan’s Run The Poseidon Adventure Titanic Twin Peaks 4 TV Shows I love to watch: LOST (on my iPod only!) Project Runway 24 The […]

Ten Techie Things for Librarians 2006 (Updated 2)

On January 27th, I spoke at the Panhandle Library Access Network Tech Day. The crowd, facilities and discussion were incredible. We discussed many of these points as well as ways to effectively incorporate and plan for new technologies, such as IM, blogs and wikis. It’s appropriate then to post this list I’ve been working on because I believe these are some things librarians need to be aware of as we move into 2006 and beyond, amid the discussions of Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and the future of library services. Last year’s list is here. These are the things I would […]

I will blog because….

Welcome to the 1000th TTW post in its current incarnation! Thanks everyone! Abram writes bout two memes making their way around the blogospher. “I will blog because…” and “I will as a school librarian…” I will blog because it helps me expand my ideas with ideas from other people in the cyberworld who are thinking about the same things that I am thinking about I will blog because I want to model social networking behavior for my colleagues and students. I will blog because I need to “reinvent” myself as a Library Media Specialist in a changing world . . […]

The Cluetrain and Presentations

Via a forward from Stephen Abram: It’s all communication Websites, intranets, message boards, email blasts, blogs, developer conferences, sales presentations, and CEO keynotes — it’s about communicating. It all matters. Whether it’s a blog, an e-news letter, or a presentation, what audiences and customers yearn for from organizations is authenticity and transparency, simplicity, and a real human, emotion-without-the-BS approach to communicating. A real conversation…for a change.

Margaret Lincoln’s Night Blog at SLJ

Attention School Librarians, don’t miss UNT Cohort colleague Margaret Lincoln’s coverage of her work with students, blogging and the travelling Holocaust exhibit at School Library Journal. It’s fascinating and concrete proof of the power of blogging in schools. The Night Blog is here. As the media specialist in charge of coordinating technology related to Lakeview’s Holocaust unit, I created a blog so students could exchange their views of Night with kids 720 miles away in the English class of Honey Kern at Cold Spring Harbor High School in New York. Lakeview High School English teacher Carol Terburg found the blog […]