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CIL Dead Tech: 1.0 vs. 2.0

Aaron just inspired me. All I’m saying is let’s look at our processes, policies, plans and technologies and make sure we are using the best tools for the best user-centered services. I leave for Kentucky at 6am! More from the road, if I can find wireless. Here’s the PDF of my Dead Technology Presentation from Wednesday Night.

Branch Blogs & Teen Blogs!

We had a question at the PLA session: Are there libraries that have blogs for each individual branch. It was a great question and both Jenny and I couldn’t name a specific example. Thanks to Emily Posedel, Web Content Specialist in the Access Services & Training Division of the San Diego County Library, we have one! She writes to TTW: Thanks for all the examples on how we can redefine the function of an RSS feed on a library site. Related to the Q/A: Currently a few of our branches have teen blogs. I have them linked @ http://sdcl.org/TeenLounge_blogs.html Thanks […]