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TTW Mailbox: That’s not the message we want to send.

A patron came in to the library… I like an email, from an anonymous librarian, that starts that way! Here goes: A patron came in to the library No library card. Resident of our town. No proof of residency to obtain card. Wanted to get on the internet for “5 minutes” Policy: Out-of State people $5.00 to get temporary internet card. Good for 30 days. (must have photo ID) Reciprocal borrowers, $5.00 to get internet access, good for 12 months, or exp. date on home library card, whichever is soonest. (must have home library card & photo ID) We have […]

Ambient Findability

This one is one my bookshelf…waiting… but this description at NEASIST is most cool, I wish I could attend: On Ambient Findability: “At the crossroads of ubiquitous computing and the Internet, the user experience is out of control, and findability is the real story. Access changes the game. We can select our sources and choose our news. We can find who and what we need, when and where we want. As society shifts from push to pull, findability shapes who we trust, how we learn, and where we go. In this cyberspace safari, Peter Morville explores the future present in […]

I Shush: On Tagging and More

I’ve been reading I Shush lately from Woody E, a Librarian from Texas, and this caught my eye: This all leads to reader participation in the organization of information. Librarians no longer have a monopoly on this. Computers and people are finding new, sexier ways to it for themselves. For librarians to stay in the game, we’ve got to incorporate self-organizing, bottom-up, grassroots, folksonomies into the very careful and rather inert records we create. We need moveable records (or, to clarify: portions of records) that make library materials dynamic for our users. iBistro is a step toward Amazon, but we’ve […]

“They did not want the staff to feel obliged to visit a weblog.”

A comment posted for Libraries Using Multiple Weblogs Well I started with two blogs for our library: one for news about our digital collection and daily messages about in-house matters, the other one for tools, nice websites and other things like that. The management could not agree on the first one because they did not want the staff to feel obliged to visit a weblog. I thought it was an opportunity to get them all moving to online information gathering. I was wrong :-/ Edwin Edwin – I am very sorry about this. What if the staff was trained to […]