“They did not want the staff to feel obliged to visit a weblog.”

A comment posted for Libraries Using Multiple Weblogs

Well I started with two blogs for our library: one for news about our digital collection and daily messages about in-house matters, the other one for tools, nice websites and other things like that. The management could not agree on the first one because they did not want the staff to feel obliged to visit a weblog. I thought it was an opportunity to get them all moving to online information gathering.

I was wrong :-/


Edwin – I am very sorry about this. What if the staff was trained to aggregate RSS feeds — taught how to access a handful of blogs, LIS news and more via a one stop shop environemnt? What if this made them more comfortable with the technology — a technology that will shape how content is delievered in the future from the web, dadatabses and more? What if this made them more knowledgable in meetings and in planning session? What if…

Oh well, I guess they are missing out. I hope you continue to point out the usefulness of these tools, the benefits, the changes in the landscape and posts and comments like this one. The LiB says it so well: “Try to make your case as hard as you can. If you believe in a service or initiative enough, you will do everything you can to make it happen–including taking an unpopular position with your administration. “

I think I’d file “We do not want staff to feel obligated to visit a webolg” under yet another reason you might lose your good people.

:-/ is right!