Engage Your Patrons

Engaged Patrons

A lot of folks have already linked, but allow me to point you to http://engagedpatrons.org/ from Glenn Peterson at Hennepin County PL.

And I agree with Sarah: It’s a HUGE deal!

From the site:

EngagedPatrons.org provides web services for public library websites. We enable you to offer events listings, blogs and more on your website, no programming required!

The pages you create on our site “plug into” your existing web site. We do the programming for you; you reap the benefits of being able to offer your users a more engaging and interactive web presence.

EP services are designed to be integrated into the look and feel of your website. To your users, it appears they have never left your site!

The service will give libraries ready to go and SEAMLESS weblogs, contact forms, RSS and more. And if your library qualifies — it’s FREE! No big fees to companies! No huge commitments of staff time! No…kerfuffle! This is just the ticket for libraries that may be struggling with how to implement 2.0 technologies. I think we all need to take our hats off to Glenn!

Read more at David King’s blog!