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In between writing my proposal and Library Technology Report, I’ve spent a bit of time visiting the Second Life Library 2.0. It’s fascinating. My avatar, Stephen Mandelbrot, stumbled around looking for the library until two of my fellow bibliobloggers assisted me.

Anyway, it’s surely something to be aware of, and pay special attention to things such as this:

From Helene Blowers: Teen Services in SLL2Through the RSSvine this morning, I stumbled across this exciting development regarding Second Life – Library 2.0 … my own library (PLCMC) is getting involved and has just recently taken up the charge to help develop a Teen Services componet to this endeavor. After emailing back-n-forth with Kelly Czarnecki, I learned that this idea has literally bloomed overnight and really just in development right now, but that there is also an information blog setup to help keep staff and libraries informed. What I didn’t know before emailing with Kelly is that there is actually more than one Second Life out there. Apparently the online environment separates teens from the adult world for safety purposes, but but w/permission teachers can enter the teen world with a legitimate purpose.

SLL2 Blog reports on first instruction session: I had the honor of teaching SLL2.0’s first library instruction session. This was also my first class of any kind in SL. I teach basic library skills sessions to college freshmen in my RL job, so I was curious to see what I could apply to an SL setting. Fortunately I had an engaging crowd to try the class out on, including some of the SLL2 crowd and a little-girl avatar from England who was terribly excited about libraries.

David King presented in SL via OPAL: I thought I should mention – my presentation is being “simulcast!” Yes, you can hear my voice at OPAL… and you can also listen in by logging in to Second Life! How completely cool is that? Sorta funny, too – I’m doing a webcast – so that’s a “digital presentation.” But then, in Second Life, it’s a digital presentation in a digital world… wow.

Second Life Library 2.0