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Tech Deficit

Before I head out for Texas, one more link: http://www.blyberg.net/2006/04/25/overcoming-the-tech-deficit-and-helping-others-to/ Blyberg blows me away yet again with a well-reasoned essay about libraries that are “tech-depressed.” Give it a read! One of my favorite bits (of many!): Long-term planning I was interested to hear from one individual at Library Camp who was in the middle of a strategic planning initiative. I was thrilled by the fact that she had come to the event as a way to help her hash out some of the ideas she and her institution were working with as they plugged away at their planning. Radical new […]

Mrs. Cassidy’s Class Photos

Via Michael Casey in an IM: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57634636@N00/ Mrs. Cassidy has a flickr account! She must be an elementary teacher somewhere and realized that she could share class images. No details are given so it’s impossible to tell where this class is. But parents can most probably subscribe and see what their kids are up to!

Second Life Library 2.0

My Avatar In between writing my proposal and Library Technology Report, I’ve spent a bit of time visiting the Second Life Library 2.0. It’s fascinating. My avatar, Stephen Mandelbrot, stumbled around looking for the library until two of my fellow bibliobloggers assisted me. Anyway, it’s surely something to be aware of, and pay special attention to things such as this: From Helene Blowers: Teen Services in SLL2 – Through the RSSvine this morning, I stumbled across this exciting development regarding Second Life – Library 2.0 … my own library (PLCMC) is getting involved and has just recently taken up the […]

Engage Your Patrons

A lot of folks have already linked, but allow me to point you to http://engagedpatrons.org/ from Glenn Peterson at Hennepin County PL. And I agree with Sarah: It’s a HUGE deal! From the site: EngagedPatrons.org provides web services for public library websites. We enable you to offer events listings, blogs and more on your website, no programming required! The pages you create on our site “plug into” your existing web site. We do the programming for you; you reap the benefits of being able to offer your users a more engaging and interactive web presence. EP services are designed to […]