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Charlotte’s Web @ SJCPL

Charlotte’s Web @ SJCPL Originally uploaded by St. Joseph County Public Library. Look at these happy fellows with their SJCPL library cards!!! (via SJCPL’s Flickr account.) A thought: this picture hidden on the library’s Web site might never bee seen…on Flickr (and this one should be blogged too!) it joins the pool of images associated with SJCPL, South Bend and libraries! 🙂

TTW Mailbox: Library 2.0 & Gaming

On May 12th, Jenny Levine and I keynoted SJCPL’s Staff Day. It was a weird thing to come back to the library where I spent almost 15 years but it was so wonderful to see folks I’ve missed. The staff is pretty incredible and were fired up about thinking about change. We did a version of the “Barriers Exercise” I’ve used in Minnesota and in other workshops. It gets folks thinking about how we send messages to our users…. and what experience they have in libraries. Yesterday, I received an email from Pedro, one of SJCPL’s gaming maestros. He mentioned […]

Ten Years Out

(Also posted at ALA L2, but I wanted this post to be open for comments from any and all too) Good Morning all from Northern Michigan! I hope you had a good holiday weekend! I’m reading Taylor’s meditation on innovation from the Public Innovator’s Lab: In our western culture, corporate wealth rises and falls on quarterly reports. We don’t repaint. Instead, structures less than twenty years old are razed in favor of new retail facades. We are too willing to tear down and start anew. We are enamored of the innovative pilot projects when we haven’t let our previous efforts […]