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The Ubiquitous Librarian

A blog to watch…fascinating: Put simply: Instead of trying to make your library seem cool, be a librarian and do cool things. This concept developed out of my experiments with blogs. I was using LiveJournal to communicate with friends and discovered the journals of several students. By “be-friending” them and following their lives, I was able to find a natural and meaningful channel to help them. This process was later streamlined and evolved into: The Ubiquitous Reference Model. I am trying to push this concept further in both the physical and virtual context. This blog asks you to rethink the […]

Call for Papers: Internet Reference Services Quarterly

Internet Reference Services Quarterly, a refereed journal published by The Haworth Press Inc., invites proposals for a special issue focusing on social software and libraries. The issue (12/3) will tentatively be published in Winter 2007, edited by Michael Stephens, Instructor, Dominican University and blogger at We hope the issue will cover a wide range of topics pertaining to implementations and uses of various Web 2.0 tools in library settings of all types. For the purposes of this issue, social software or Web 2.0 will be defined as the next incarnation of the World Wide Web, where digital tools allow […]

Rapid Change

Great gem of a post from Dayna’s Blog at ALA L2 I like to believe that library 2.0 skills will become basic skill sets, but I think some of us may have a longer lag time and with new services being offered at the regional, state and higher levels some of our users who can see beyond the limits of the old framework may become frustrated with our inability to quickly make changes. This might be the time when they decide how relevant the local small library is and what purpose it serves in their lives.

Meeting with St. Catherine’s LIS Students

Meeting with St. Catherine’s LIS Students Originally uploaded by mstephens7. One of the many. many highlights of the TTW goes North tour of Minnesota was meeting up with this group of St. Catherine’s SLIS students. Leah, in the blue jacket, was in my LIS753 class at Dominican. She arranged the gathering. We went to a nearby Caribou Coffee and talked about libraries. You know what fires me up? These four ladies are gearing up to make a difference in libraries! We were all over the board in our talk: L2, barriers, next generation librarianship, etc. Leah wrote the talk up […]

Internet Librarian 2006: Monterey Awaits!

The advance information for IL2006 is up! Don’t miss these useful sites: Note that there is going to be a podcast studio as well! And, for public librarians and others interested folks (because this stuff translates well to almost any library!), don’t miss our PL Futures track on Monday, October 23, 2006: Track B: Public Libraries’ Futures This track focuses on planning, people, and participation. It explores the shift toward patron involvement, librarians building resources for collaboration and communication, and how public libraries (PLs) are changing to meet the needs of the plugged-in, socially networked user. Organized and […]