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Radical Trust

Jenny and I are preparing for our ALA L2 Opening Session. Here’s a cornerstone of our talk: Radical trust is about trusting the community. We know that abuse can happen, but we trust (radically) that the community and participation will work. In the real world, we know that vandalism happens but we still put art and sculpture up in our parks. As a online community we come up with safeguards or mechanisms that help keep open contribution and participation working. Darlene Fichter

On Library Policy

“Policy is anxiety avoidance.” Kathryn Deiss, Patron day, MLS This statement really resonates with me. It leads me to questions about how user-centric our libraries are: Are we avoiding contact with users be creating layers and layers of policy? Are we not turning comments on our public blogs because we might actually get comments? This has been a great day of discussion and thought! More in a bit!

No More Headphones A photo from our tour of SPL was included at No comments about the picture yet… Apparently all the headphones for loan at the Mixing Chamber are gone, so these signs went up.

Welcome to Patron Day!

Greetings from Willowbrook, Illinois! I’m here for Metropolitan Library System’s Patron Day: Who Are These People & What Do They Want? Transforming User Perceptions of Libraries Today, I’ll get to hear Stephen Abram, VP of Innovation at SirsiDynix, on his extensive research on “library user personas;” based on thousands of user profiles, this research creates “types” or “personas” that stand for specific characteristics, behaviors, and characteristics of library users; Alane Wilson, Senior Library Market Consultant, OCLC, on the significant findings in the recent OCLC report “Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources;” and Ed Vielmetti, creator of the SuperPatron blog and […]