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Blogger’s & Gulf Coast Librarians’ Bash at ALA!

Library Bloggers are Cordially Invited to Join ALA President-Elect Leslie Burger At a Reception to Honor Gulf Coast Librarians Affected by Hurricane Katrina Saturday, June 24, 2006 10:30 pm – Midnight Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel Bienville Suite 27th Floor Two Poydras Street New Orleans, LA 70140 R.S.V.P. by June 14, 2006 800-545-2433, ext. 4258 rsvp@ala.org

Are you L2 Compliant? And how’s your organizational chart?

I’ve been following the ALA L2 Blogs and exchanging emails with many of the participants. This little bit comes from Don Wood, an ALA staff member who I go to meet in person at the ALA 2.0 Roadshow we did this spring. Don really taps onto something that is important: the concepts of L2 do not seek to push aside everything we’ve always done or alienate current users of libraries. My comment on Brian Gray’s blog pretty well sums up how I feel about how I see the spirit of this 2.0 project. Libraries should become, to coin a phrase, […]

10 More Reasons to Use Flickr in Your Libraries (Updated)

tuftsstuff magazine cover Originally uploaded by Weymouth Public Library Of all the Web 2.0 tools, my favorite has to be Flickr. A few months ago I posted 10 Reasons to Use Flickr at Your Library. While on the Minnesota tour, more than a few folks marvelled at what Flickr could do for libraries: getting out into the social pool, offering easy storage for any size library on any budget, and creating a more dynamic atmosphere for tagging, comments and more. I’ll advocate again: get a flickr account at your library! Here’s why: For no muss no fuss image storage for […]

Trusting the Content

John Blyberg on Radical Trust: At the end of the day, collaboration is the trust-builder between staff members. Getting two or more people or organizations together to work on a project lets everyone see what the others are capable of. The very act of creating something as a group builds a bond between people that no other activity can. Of course, this assumes that all participants pull their weight and put in the effort expected of them. Again, supervisors need to check in with project members to see ho things are going without becoming a micro-manager. Sometimes, if someone is […]