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Telling Stories: A Letter from Leslie

From Leslie Burger, our incoming president of ALA, comes this request. If you have images or a story to tell, please submit via the e-mail noted in the letter. I would like to enlist your help for a very exciting and interactive project that will help transform libraries! Libraries Transform Communities is the theme I have chosen for my presidential initiative. We know that when libraries are transformed either by new service programs, renovations, or new buildings that the communities they serve are in turn transformed. Part of the initiative is to create a Transformation Tool Kit, which will have […]

Libraryman Defines MySpace

Libraryman ponders how we might define MySpace to folks that aren’t that versed in social software. Take a look: …Many libraries have recently began creating MySpace accounts as well, in order to show their (often times) younger users that they are a readily available resource to them not just as a physical institution, but as an engaged member of their “electronic community”. These outreach efforts have generally been very successful and well received. As people seek more and more information via electronic means, it important for us to consider how best to meet our users in an effective manner. While […]

David King on MySpace Ads and some Questions for Planning David writes: Am I saying that free things like MySpace, Flickr, Blogs, Wikis, etc are bad? No way! But I am saying that these new services need to fit into your library’s plan… don’t just set one up to “see what happens” or “just for kicks.” Think through a few things first: What does your library plan to offer using this new service? What are the library’s goals for establishing this new service? Can the advertising be minimized by paying a fee or by choosing certain categories? Does the service meet the library’s strategic goals? Who’s going to maintain […]