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Margaret Lincoln posts at the Nigh Blog: The June 2006 issue of An End to Intolerance (AETI) features an article titled The Great Blog: Sharing Elie Wiesel’s Memoir, Night.” Cold Spring Harbor student JP Rourkis contributed this excellent write-up of the project that linked high school students from New York […]

More on the Night Blog

My Minnesota traveling companion, Mary beth Sancomb Moran, on Abram, heads on spikes and public use PCs: It still amazes me that there are librarians who are choosing to ignore the patron’s needs for their own convenience. Having been a library director, I get the issues that can arise and […]

Ignoring Patron Needs

http://chimprawk.blogspot.com/2006/06/social-networking-five-sites-you-need.html Fred Stutzman, Phd student at UNC Chapel Hill, posts on social sites, including this bit of wisdom: Social networking for the sake of social networking just doesn’t cut it. Put simply, we want more from SNS-enabled sites than association. If we’re going to invest our time into a SNS […]

Social Networking: Five Sites You Need to Know

http://vielmetti.typepad.com/superpatron/2006/06/rereadings_gett.html I’m rereading David Allen’s Getting Things Done, since it’s again relevant in how I’m trying to organize my infinite pile of things to do. I’m still using the Getting Calendar Done approach of using Google Calendar to capture tasks in a trusted, searchable place that’s not my inbox. I’m […]

A GTD Post: Superpatron on the Lighter Backpack

Tuesday I was in downtown Chicago to take part in the American Society for Engineering Education conference. I was pleased to see they have a conference blog: http://www.asee.org/chicago2006/ I was there to present in the Engineering Libraries division. Convened by Darcy Duke, from MIT, I was part of Staying Relevant […]

Engineering Librarians Rule