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Rock On Westmont PL & Flickr! (Updated!)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/westmontlibrary/176505152/ Update: Michelle points out they’ve linked from their front page to Flickr! Is this the first instance we’ve seen of this? I think it just may be. Update 2: Oops! Aaron Schmidt informs me that the Thomas Ford Library pages has had a “pictures” link that takes folks to the TFML Flickr page for some time. Update 3: David King IMs to tell me that Bloomington PL has a link at the top of their new pages called Gallery, that links into the many sets put up by the librarians! HOT! And wowza but their pages are nice!

Libraryman on Netflix

http://www.libraryman.com/blog/archives/000227.html As non-profits, couldn’t we just charge cost for an expanded level of service for patrons that selected to buy in. I know that idea upsets a fair hunk of library folks, but remember, it is an increasingly ”content, not containers” world now. Love it or hate it, it’s where we are now and it has to be effectively dealty with. People (aka patrons aka consumers aka customers) don’t give a hoot if they get what they want from the local library, from Amazon or from iTunes. A huge percentage of folks don’t even give a hoot if they have […]

TADL Rocks!!!

View from my table Originally uploaded by mstephens7. I’m at Traverse Area District Library working on stuff and it’s a perfect environemnt. For one, get a load of that view! And I have a huge table for all my articles, a printer on the network for a nominal fee, a power outlet built in and fast WIFI! I’m working on my research proposal and awash in blog articles, social stuff and Michael Buckland’s Redesigning Library Services. I am a card holder (tax payer!), but even if I wasn’t all this library goodeness is available to me. Thanks TADL!