Dutch Bibliobloggers Dinner (Updated)


Originally uploaded by Rob’s.

One of many highlights at the Ticer Institute was the chance to meet a group of Dutch bibliobloggers for dinner in Tilburg. The evening was organized by my esteemed colleage Rob Coers, who will be presenting with me in London in October. Jenny and Paul Miller and I joined a table full of folks and we rotated seats at every course so we got to talk with everyone. I really enjoyed it. Thanks to all!

Sadly, my pictures were lost with my camera but check out the images from other folks, tagged BBT2006.

Here are some of the Dutch Bloggers that were present:

Edwin: http://zbdigitaal.blogspot.com/
Monique, Jaap and Rob: http://www.oblog.nl
Liesbeth: http://www.moqub.com
Gerard: www.weblogzonderhaast.nl
Margreet: http://www.inter-net-viewer.nl/weblog
Rob: http://www.robcoers.nl
Dannielle http://blogparty.web-log.nl/blogparty/

(Image: Michael Stephens, Jaap van de Geer )