University Librarian Blogging at McMaster

McMaster University Library

I’m glad to see my colleague Jeff Trzeciak blogging at Take a look at the blog and follow the links as well to the Transformation blog, an example of a group of librarians putting Library 2.0 thinking into practice via planning.

Jeff sums a lot of it up in his first post: (bolding is mine)

As partners in teaching, learning and research on our campuses, libraries are at the heart of today’s changes. Our challenge is to establish the University Library as an unparalleled service provider in an increasingly complex world of information and access.

How do we prepare our students to be empowered, informed, and responsible life-long learners? The University Library is facing this challenge head on. A Transformation Team has been formed to identify challenges and to recommend changes to the libraries that are truly transformative. Our new model will be directly aligned with our academic faculties and the strategic directions of the University; flexible and dynamic; focused on outcomes; focused on campus and community partnerships; innovative and forward-looking.

In order to accomplish this transformation we will focus on the following themes, which are aligned with the goals set forth in the University’s Directions and Refining Directions documents.

Goal: Increased Focus on Results, Added Value and Our Customers

Goal: Enhanced Respect by Building A Strong 21st Century Library Staff

Goal: Stronger Connections Through Collaboration On- and Off-Campus

Goal: Increased Innovation by Rewarding Creativity

Goal: Improved Evaluation Through Data-Gathering

I’m impressed with the foresight here. Couldn’t your library try the same? Watch this model closely!