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Every Library Needs a Gaming Librarian!

Rewriting job descriptions? Looking at your organizational chart? Offering gaming in your library? Don’t miss: http://ulatmac.wordpress.com/2006/09/18/8/ You see, there’s this guy whose name is Robert Gagne and he’s considered one of the “stars” of instructional design. Back in 1965 he published something called The Conditions of Learning. In it created a nine step process. This process has become known in the world of education as “Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction”. They are: Gain the learner’s attention Inform learners of objectives Stimulate recall of prior learning Present the content Provide learning guidance Elicit performance (practice) Assess performance Enhance retention and transfer […]

Janes on the New Tools and the Old Ways

Via a great piece at LJ featuring Stephen Abram, Joe Janes and Roy Tennant: “All of these things,” Janes says, “are opportunities.” Libraries today, he observes, cannot affort to be paralyzed, wed to old modes of service, bureaucratically pinned-down, or too reticent to take advantage of the fact that, in a world drowning in information, libraries should be more vital than ever.

LTR Update: Internal Blogs

Don’t miss: http://www.web2learning.net/archives/535 Nicole Engard updates us on the internal blogging going on her library that I wrote about for my Library Technology Report – Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software.: The most productive addition to our intranet would have to be the project-specific blogs. These are blogs that anyone can start – one for each ongoing (and completed) project within the library. These blogs are very active! And once again they are an amazing archival tool – I am working on a project now with our ILL and Reference departments and it is HUGE! This project […]

TTW Mailbox: Virtual Tours with FLICKR

Is your library afraid of Flickr, when other libraries like this one are using it to adavantage? Sarah writes: Michael: Recently you posted about Mickey’s 16 cool uses for using Flickr at a library. I’d like to pass on a new example we have at the Johnson County Library. Our Lackman Branch (we have 13 branches! Wow!) created a Flickr account to give everyone a virtual tour of their branch. They even included photos on the staff side! Just wanted to pass on the Flickr goodness! http://www.flickr.com/photos/11329886@N00/sets/72157594291410121/ Beta forever, Sarah aka veggienerd.wordpress.com Thanks sarah. Nice to see uses such as […]

“Narrated by a Student” Ohio University Libraries

http://www.library.ohiou.edu/newsblog/?p=152 Via Eric in my LIS701 Class: The library now has a new way for students to learn about the library. You can now borrow our iPod to take an audio tour around Alden. Simply stop by the Learning Commons Desk on the second floor of Alden to check out our iPod. The tour of all seven floors covers the basics of the library, and will take about 30 minutes to complete. If you already own an iPod or MP3 player, you can download the tour by following one of the links below. We currently have two versions of the […]