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Facebook is Now Open

Via UnitStructures: This doesn’t mean that anyone can see your profile, however. Your profile is just as closed off as it ever was. Our network structure is not going away. College and work networks still require an authenticated email address to join. Only people in your networks and confirmed friends can see your profile. Fascinating. I am curious to see how this plays out. Here’s my profile for Dominican:

Blog-based library websites: An interview with David Lisa

Great interview over at Library Garden: Well we are getting lots of great comments about how up to date our site is. People really like seeing the latest news on the front page in reverse chronological order. And, of course, one big benefit is being able to offer an RSS feed through Feedburner. We like to stress that we can bring the news about the library to you on your schedule rather than you having to come to us all the time. One drawback has been that we have found that not a lot of people are acquainted with […]

TTW Mailbox: No Extended Web Surfing

Sarah sent me this note and some images and said I could blog them. Thanks Sarah! Dear Michael: A colleague and I were teaching a class called “Cyber Six Pack” about 2.0 tools and I was thrown by the signs that were posted in the computer lab where we taught. Granted, these were in a computer lab in a community college’s library…but they suck the fun out of spending time on the computer at school. Photos were taken with my 3-year-old cell phone, so they aren’t the best quality. Number 1: “Absolutely No!” Number 2: What constitutes as “extended Web […]

Matt Gullett on Youth Tech

Thanks to Helene Blowers for linking to Matt Gullett’s new to me blog Youth Tech: Matt is the Technology Education Librarian at ImaginOn: The Joe & Joan Martin Center. I’m also happy that he’ll be presenting with Kathryn Deiss in our Public Library track at Internet Librarian in Monterey! From the About Page: This is a site/blog that will post, converse, write and communicate about issues that involve youth (teens, tweens & tods) and how best to interact, educate, entertain, relate and learn. We hope to post on broad themes and specific issues that will be of interest to […]

Pew: The Future of the Internet II

“Privacy is a thing of the past…” There’s a new Pew report out, with technologists and thinkers offering their views of the future of the Internet. The Future of the Internet II has some fascinating findings and will offer much food for thought. From their summary page: A low-cost global network will be thriving and creating new opportunities in a “flattening” world. Humans will remain in charge of technology, even as more activity is automated and “smart agents” proliferate. However, a significant 42% of survey respondents were pessimistic about humans’ ability to control the technology in the future. This significant […]

It Starts from Within… Lori Reed, training specialist for the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, ponders L2 and empowering staff. What else does Library 2.0 mean? Empowering not only patrons but staff. Our library provides the most outstanding customer service of any organization that I have ever seen. But do we provide the same service to internal customers? Not always. If our vision is to be the best library in America, we have to start by being the best staff. We need to support and encourage each other. We need to realize that yes we are all individuals and we make […]

The Faces of ALA Council

See Jessamyn’s post: This is exactly what ALA needs. I have to admit I had never seen the faces of some of these folks whose names I do recognize. Thanks ALA… please keep going! I want more! More faces, more humanity… 🙂

Why Don’t CEOs (Library Directors?) Blog…

Director, are you Blogging?? Via the Church of the Customer Blog: If CEOs blogged, they would save considerable time on hundreds of weekly emails that ask roughly the same types of questions. That’s part of Debbie Weil’s thesis in The Corporate Blogging Book. “Why not do it more efficiently?” she writes. “Instead of a one-to-one message, why not a communication from one to many thousands?” She describes the pro’s and con’s of corporate blogging with plenty o’ pointers on how to do it well and not screw up. I read an early copy of the book and it’s excellent. So […]

Required Reading: Making Time for Web 2.0 David King posts about one of the phrases I hope to never hear in libraries again when it comes to social software: “We don’t have time for ____.” I’ve also heard it as “we don’t have time tio post to a blog” or “It adds another click…” David writes: Library administrators and managers need to lead this change in their organizations. One way they can do this is to provide time, equipment, and training in order to successfully implement these new tools into the library’s digital space. What does that mean, practically? Here are some examples: Time: Time to […]