Habib Covers “Ten Ways to a Killer Blog”

My LIS753 students all get weblogs to try the medium and post their thoughts on technology and libraries. If I had my way, students starting the program at Dominican would automatically get a blog and wiki sponsored by the school. In general, I’d like to see more LIS students trying the waters of biblioblogging. These notes from Michael Habib are fascinating and are helpful for thinking about blogging:


“Pick a niche you can own (be different)” Maryam pointed out that Robert always says that there are two types of bloggers. One type has a desire to change things and is writing for an audience. Robert fits into that category. The second kind are those bloggers, like Maryam, who blog just for the sake of it. Either way, it is important to hit a unique market.Robert discusses the importance of branding your niche so that people begin to relate you and you niche.I have tried to do this with Academic Library 2.0. While I cover many related topics, I always come back to this one. As Robert was discussing this, I began to think of how social networking services increasingly need to focus on niche markets.