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Congrats to Stephen Abram

http://stephenslighthouse.sirsidynix.com/archives/2006/11/news_from_sirsi.html HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Nov. 6, 2006 – The SirsiDynix Institute, a forum for professional development in the library community, announced today that Stephen Abram, vice president of Innovation at SirsiDynix, was recently named chief strategist for the SirsiDynix Institute. Abram will continue in his role as vice president of Innovation at SirsiDynix.

I Want Library Directors to Blog

Laura Cohen has an incredible post at her L2 Academic’s Perspective blog: http://liblogs.albany.edu/library20/2006/10/blogs_id_like_to_see.html: I want directors blogs to demystify top management. I want these blogs to reveal a director who is working to forge a library that offers collections and services that users need and want. I want directors to reveal their thoughts about what they envision for their library. I want directors to show that they are reading interesting articles, attending conferences from which they learn, observing what other institutions are doing, and tuning into the issues of the day. I want directors to use their blogs to reflect […]

Exploring Second Life

This weekend in my LIS753 class we were able to visit second Life and the Second Life Information Island/Library 2.0. I logged in and walked around while the class watched on the big screen. We encountered some folks in a training session, a couple of librarians and visitors to the island. It was fascinating. The discussion that followed was lively. I hope to do more with SL in future classes. Understanding the virtual experiences that some folks are seeking out and the worlds they are building are important parts of the information landscape. Here’s an article as well via Dr. […]


I’ve been lax in my duties announcing this blog: http://www.rusq.org/ I’m happy to be serving on the Editorial Advisory Board for Reference & User Services Quarterly, the official journal of the Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association. Its purpose is to disseminate information of interest to reference librarians, information specialists, and other professionals involved in user-oriented library services. This Web site serves as an online companion to the print edition. This summer I worked with the folks at ALA to get the blog going. I’m pleased with the result. Watch for more content as each issue […]

So Let’s Talk About Tagging

Run, don’t walk to: http://jennimi.wordpress.com/2006/11/07/asist-2006-poster-session-so-lets-talk-about-tagging/ June Abbas and I had a wonderful, engaging and interactive poster session in which we pulled folks in to have discussions with us (pro and con) about the new phenomenon of “tagging”. We believe it was highly successful and fun – well, we had visitors for 2 hours after the session officially ended, so I hope that says something. Is tagging useful? Is it here to stay or a fad? Why are end-users motivated to tag, or not? How can we ascertain a person’s context or intent behind using particular terms? For instance one participant […]

Habib Covers “Ten Ways to a Killer Blog”

My LIS753 students all get weblogs to try the medium and post their thoughts on technology and libraries. If I had my way, students starting the program at Dominican would automatically get a blog and wiki sponsored by the school. In general, I’d like to see more LIS students trying the waters of biblioblogging. These notes from Michael Habib are fascinating and are helpful for thinking about blogging: http://mchabib.blogspot.com/2006/10/why-robert-and-maryam-scoble-gave-me-t.html “Pick a niche you can own (be different)” Maryam pointed out that Robert always says that there are two types of bloggers. One type has a desire to change things and […]

One Day in History

One Day in History Originally uploaded by mstephens7. I was impressed with this blogging iniative in the UK while Jenny and I were there for ILI2006. http://www.historymatters.org.uk/output/page96.asp “Read the nation’s diaries and find out what we did on the 17 October 2006.”