I Want Library Directors to Blog

Laura Cohen has an incredible post at her L2 Academic’s Perspective blog:


I want directors blogs to demystify top management. I want these blogs to reveal a director who is working to forge a library that offers collections and services that users need and want. I want directors to reveal their thoughts about what they envision for their library. I want directors to show that they are reading interesting articles, attending conferences from which they learn, observing what other institutions are doing, and tuning into the issues of the day. I want directors to use their blogs to reflect on plans or ideas the library is considering, and to welcome comments before something is implemented.

I can’t agree more! Blogging breeds transperancy which breeds honest, open conversations. I even believe staff would greatly benefit from a blogging director as plans, procedures and the long range thinking of the library become more open and honest. Don’t hide in your office, library director … join the conversation.

I wrote this about blogging directors as well: https://tametheweb.com/2006/09/why_dont_ceos_library_director.html