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TTW Mailbox: On the Gadget Garage

Tamara writes, referencing a slide in our Technology Training PPT from ILI2006: Can you explain the concept of a “Gadget Garage”? I’m not sure what that is! On a tour of Princeton Public Library when our Roadshow was on the East Coast this summer, Janie Hermann showed us a cabinet in their technology training room filled with gadgets and devices. “This is the gadget garage,” she said. I saw an ipod, digital camera, video camera, etc. In training sessions for staff and public, the training librarians would pull out the gadgets and let people play and experiment. This is a […]

From LJ: Bothersome Blogging

http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6388635.html A reader writes in about a staff member blogging about the library: “She discusses work, of course, including other staff and problem patrons using some pretty stiff language, and I’m afraid she’s seriously going to offend someone and the library is either going to get pulled into a lawsuit or a union problem. The blogger writes at home on her own time, and the library doesn’t have a policy in place preventing staff from speaking publicly about the workplace, but I think this is a ticking bomb. What should I do?” The answer is rather good, and includes this: […]

So what do I do with that MLS?

Yesterday, the folks in my UNT Cohort had a little email discussion. Someone was wondering why they should attend library school and had asked one of the cohort for insight. Links and articles were exchanged in that cool librarian way. It really ties in well with a discussion we had last night in my LIS701 class about job description and pay. Here are some pointers from that exchange: LJ Salary Survey: http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6379540.html Information on where recent University of Michigan School of Information students found jobs upon graduation: http://si.umich.edu/careers/who-is-hiring.htm “What Can I Do with an MSI?” at http://si.umich.edu/careers/with-an-msi.htm Texas Library Association […]

Notable Notes

Things I’m reading whilst Waiting for the Refrigerator Repairman: The Library 2.0 Roundup: http://scruffynerf.wordpress.com/2006/10/19/library-20-roundup/ Excellent clearinghouse of posts, discussions, articles and suck from LIS student Jennifer Macaulay. The State of the Blogosphere: http://www.sifry.com/alerts/archives/000443.html As you can see, growth in the numbers of blogs tracked by Technorati continues to grow briskly. While the doubling of the blogosphere has slowed a bit (every 236 days or so, here’s the historical data) , interest in blogging remains considerable. About 55% of all blogs are active, which means that they have been updated at least once in the last 3 months. More on Millennials: […]

Please Welcome Brian Kelly to the Biblioblogosphere

http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/ Phil Bradley, Paul Miller and I chided Brian Kelly about the fact that he was the one who didn’t have a blog amongst the panelists during the Library 2.0 session at Internet Librarian International. It was all in good fun. Paul Miller emailed this am to let me know Brian had entered the Biblioblogosphere. Take a look. Welcome to the UK Web Focus Blog. As my tenth anniversary as UK Web Focus at UKOLN arrives, it is clearly time for me to set up a Blog to support my role as a Web adviser to the UK higher and […]