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Confessions of an Unpopular Reference Librarian

Well, technology has produced a new savvy information consumer among the masses. These patrons, have become accustomed to having information delivered to them in whatever format they desire – whether that be in an email, an RSS feed, or even delivered to the door. Disappearing are the days when people actually go the library to find out the acidic content of an orange (one of my first reference questions asked in 1996) or what paper money is made of (another old favorite of mine). I am proud to say that this library (and this Reference department) does deliver content in […]

5 Simple Rules for Keeping an Empty Inbox: A GTD Post

It’s nice to be reminded of some of the “Getting Things Done” principles, especially since I juggle teaching, writing, presenting and life. The ideas and some of the methods speak to me. Here’s a great post about that elusive empty inbox: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2006/11/15/five-simple-rules-for-keeping-an-empty-inbox/ Five simple rules for keeping the inbox clean: If you don’t need to read it now, it shouldn’t be in your inbox. If you’ve already responded to it, it shouldn’t be in your inbox. If it comes from a known source (some person, retailer or mailing list that sends you mail more often than once every few months) […]

On a year of Blogging…

A shout out to Jennifer Graham and her blog “jennimi” on her one year anniversary of blogging. http://jennimi.wordpress.com/2006/11/30/one-year-and-then-some/ It’s been an interesting endeavor. Sometimes it sucks me in and I have to leave for awhile to get things done. Sometimes I absolutely love it. But always I am cognizant of the fact that I am, in my tiny tiny lower case j way, participating in the web’s creation, not just observing or reacting to it. I also have begun to see how this process allows librarians to reach out to more people with our knowledge, curiosity, problem solving urges, welcoming […]