On a year of Blogging…

A shout out to Jennifer Graham and her blog “jennimi” on her one year anniversary of blogging.


It’s been an interesting endeavor. Sometimes it sucks me in and I have to leave for awhile to get things done. Sometimes I absolutely love it. But always I am cognizant of the fact that I am, in my tiny tiny lower case j way, participating in the web’s creation, not just observing or reacting to it. I also have begun to see how this process allows librarians to reach out to more people with our knowledge, curiosity, problem solving urges, welcoming spirit, and information organizing ways. It allows us to learn from one another, and to give everyone a look into the diverse world of the librarian – once stereotyped as prudish and cold. I try to be as warm and welcoming as possible here – to bring a human touch to the digital world. Same way I’d be at a reference desk or in a classroom. Blogging has truly helped me see what an exciting time it is to be a librarian.

I am still fascinated by the individual and collective voice of librarianship in the blogosphere. What a nice reminder of why we do what we do.