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George Needham on Library Management

Via LiB, who consistently blogs so darn well: George Needham discusses “library management” and it is spot on! First, we tend to promote really good staff people into management positions, whether or not they have any proclivity for this role. Someone who does great story hours and book talks becomes the head of the children’s department, or an efficient cataloger ends up running the Technical Services department. Sometimes, this works out fine; the promoted librarian applies the empathy and understanding she developed during her days as a staff member to her new role. But too many other times, this […]

The Wanted Librarian

I’m always glad to see Dominican GSLIS students blogging..I was sad that lisDom’s Laura Crossett graduated just as I was arriving. Here’s a new one though: The Wanted Librarian. From his inaugural post: Smugly, I admit that I dig the title not just because of the word play on my surname (Want) but also because I’m often something of an “outlaw” in my approach to life. 🙂 While I initially fretted that no one would read the musings of a librarian-newbie, I decided that, as an educated and well-read guy, I’m capable of engaging in discourse on libraries, information, technology, […]

Amazon Announces Askville

I’ve been utilizing my Amazon Prime account a lot this week – maybe that’s why I received this via email: You’re Invited! As a valued Amazon customer, you’ve been specially picked to get an early look at a new website Amazon has just launched called Askville. Askville is a place where you can ask any question on any topic and get real answers from real people. It’s a fun place to meet others with similar interests to you and a place where you can share what you know. You can learn something new everyday or help and meet others using […]

Read Posters

Read Posters Originally uploaded by Julie Renee. Nice example of using student workers for Read posters. I started making read posters for the library last year as part of a marketing campaign. The project began with posters of faculty and staff posing with works they have published. We’ve been entertaining the idea of doing student versions for a while now. I finally got off my ass and finished up the first in the series. This is Mike, our ex student worker, member of Dormlife, and patient muse. Check out his band’s site on myspace:

How about those Librarian Bloggers?

I’m submitting the first draft of my research proposal this week… here are the research questions: Research Questions To what extent have library and information science Weblog authors adopted the medium to further their goals and objectives for their writing/information sharing? Why? Sub Questions: To what degree are these blog authors utilizing other social tools to further their endeavors. What have librarian bloggers learned from blogging? What are the benefits of blogging within the LIS community? Has blogging had an effect on librarian bloggers’ jobs? What role does blogging play in their professional life? How has blogging affected your relationships […]

Blogging as Reflective Practice

Via SmartMobs comes a link to a presentation concerning blogging as reflective practice: It certainly is a masterpiece about the meaning of reflection in relation to organizations and how social software could help people cope with all the changes. Teemu states that in education, the worst thing we can do is to hang on in best practices. Reflection creates future practices, while best practices are just past practices!! Coping with change is most important in our information organizations. Blogging (or using wikis) might be a useful tool to chronicle that shift. I’m reminded of the voices of the PLCMC Learning […]

TANK U: Download Station in the Library A digital download station in the public library Last week at ‘Publishing, beyond the book’, a public library seminar on the changing world of media and information the prototype of a download station, TANK U, was presented by Edo Postma of ProBiblio and Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer (Delft Public Library). TANK U wants to be a place in town where passers-by may download information on their mobile phone. Made available free of charge by their public library to inspire users with suggestions for reading, viewing or listening. Not the usual run-of-the-mill stuff, but suggestions that broaden one’s horizon […]

All Kinds of Bloggers!

From “Blog Epitaphs? Get Me Rewrite! Rumors of Blogs’ Demise Are Exaggerated, But a Lot Less Obsession Would Be Healthy” by Jason Fry, WSJ: If blogs are hard to pin down, so are bloggers. A common caricature beloved by editorialists is the pajama-clad navel-gazer who deems the minutiae of his or her life worthy of a world-wide audience — and there are such bloggers. (Some of them are quite entertaining, too.) But there are other caricatures: the snarky soapbox blogger trying to parlay attitude into life as an author or talking head (and earn some money via text ads), or […]