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Rome If You Want to!

Great piece by Andrew Pace: http://blogs.ala.org/pace.php?title=all_sirsidynix_roads_lead_to_rome Golden Opportunity? SirsiDynix sounds sincere about its direction. I spoke to several principals, including Martin Taylor, John Dixon, Berit Nelson, and Tom Gates—they seem confident in this road to Rome. I am going to reserve the bulk of my judgment for a few months. But I also wonder how this might be playing out in Rome, Georgia. As many a blogger and library developer has said, the release of the open source Evergreen System by the Georgia PINES group has the potential to change the library automation landscape. “Salivating” was the word I used […]

2 shelves, 5 months, 40 books

2 shelves, 5 months, 40 books Originally uploaded by scampion. Steve from Pierce County Library used this Flickr photo to illustrate all the books he reviewed for the blog Mostly NF! This interactive photo is my way of celebrating the 40 books I’ve reviewed in the Mostly NF book blog on my library’s website these last five months. Gathering all the books again for a group shot seemed appropriate for the milestone. Click any book in the picture. I hope you have enjoyed reading ‘Mostly NF’ these last 5 months (and now listening to the podcasts!). I’ve always loved to […]