Computers in Libraries 2007

(my very first CIL presentation!)

More screenshots here:CIL Presentations @ Flickr

Spring is springing in Oak Park, Illinois, where I spend my weekdays. It’s also that time in March when my thoughts turn to cherry blossoms, monuments, the funny-shaped Hilton and the Computers in Libraries conference. Sadly, I won’t be attending CIL2007 next month. The date change and my teaching schedule prevent from traveling to one of my favorite conferences. I’ve attended this hob-knobbing, presentation-rich, innovation-centered conference for the last seven years. I think I’ll be sad those days in April, but biblioblogs and flickr will keep me informed. Wow…seven years!

I count CIL2000 as the starting point of my professional journey into speaking and writing. I’d done a bunch of stuff within Indiana, but that first trip for me — alone and frankly a little scared — to DC in March 2000 was life changing! I learned so much those years and met so many wonderful folks.

Anyway, a big shout out to all the attendees and presenters and the esteemed organizers. I hope all goes well and I’ll see you next year!