Survival Tips for LIS Education (Updated)

In my LIS701: Introduction to Library and Information Science classes, we read Rachel Singer Gordon’s The NextGen Librarian’s Survival Guide. Last night we had discussion built around various chapters:

Gordon notes that new MLS students are moving into a profession and an educational system in transition in Chapter 2. What struck you in the chapters you read: what is changing? How might your education be different than someone ten years ago? Brainstorm with your group a list of 5 survival tips for your library education. We’ll share them and create a master list.

Here is the list from my Monday night class:

Ask questions

Network with students and faculty

Get experience before you graduate

Be proactive

Be flexible

Visit different types of libraries to decide where you’d like to work

Don’t let theory overwhelm you, see the connection between theory and practice

Learn the organizational structure of libraries

Explore new technologies – try it, don’t buy it

Find out about various organizations and associations

Seek out additional resources, such as blogs, professional publications, etc, in your coursework

Be knowledgeable, be a lifetime learner

Pace yourself with scheduling

Stay up on library news

Seek out advice from those already in the profession

Keep positive a outlook

Tuesdat Night LIS701

Keep current with computers and technology

Develop critical thinking skills

Gain experience in a library

Be open-minded

Be creative

Lose the stereotypes you have about librarians and libraries

Look at the syllabus before you register

Use your time wisely

Find a mentor or talk with someone in the field

Get involved with student associations and interact with your peers

Use course management systems to share and find help

Don’t abuse student loans

Develop your people skills

What would you add?

(Note: These are first semester students, some working in libraries, some not.)