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L2 Lens is Up for Lens of the Year!

Jenny and I just received this about the L2 Lens http://www.squidoo.com/library20/ : CONGRATULATIONS! One of your lenses has been nominated for Squidoo’s Lens of the Year award. To celebrate turning 1 year and 100,000 lenses older, we took our previous Lens of the Day winners (yep, that’s you) and lined them up, to see which lens our lensmasters and readers think is simply THE best. http://www.squidoo.com/thelensoftheyear The voting is already running wild, so get in there and thumbs up your favorites. It’s okay to invite your friends to vote for your lens too. We’ll announce the winner on Friday March […]

Survival Tips for LIS Education (Updated)

In my LIS701: Introduction to Library and Information Science classes, we read Rachel Singer Gordon’s The NextGen Librarian’s Survival Guide. Last night we had discussion built around various chapters: Gordon notes that new MLS students are moving into a profession and an educational system in transition in Chapter 2. What struck you in the chapters you read: what is changing? How might your education be different than someone ten years ago? Brainstorm with your group a list of 5 survival tips for your library education. We’ll share them and create a master list. Here is the list from my Monday […]

Computers in Libraries 2007

(my very first CIL presentation!) More screenshots here:CIL Presentations @ Flickr Spring is springing in Oak Park, Illinois, where I spend my weekdays. It’s also that time in March when my thoughts turn to cherry blossoms, monuments, the funny-shaped Hilton and the Computers in Libraries conference. Sadly, I won’t be attending CIL2007 next month. The date change and my teaching schedule prevent from traveling to one of my favorite conferences. I’ve attended this hob-knobbing, presentation-rich, innovation-centered conference for the last seven years. I think I’ll be sad those days in April, but biblioblogs and flickr will keep me informed. Wow…seven […]