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5 Blogs Outside Libraryland

Love it! And thanks to Nicole for tagging me. Allow me to add 5 blogs I read beyond the Biblioblogosphere, skipping over trashy celebrity gossip blogs I just might glance at..on occassion…sometimes… The Copy Blogger: http://www.copyblogger.com/ Insights, tips and “how to’s” for making your blog a standout. Great stuff for librarians writing blog posts for their libraries to consider. The Church of the Customer Blog: http://www.churchofthecustomer.com/blog/ Customer evangelists. Companies on the Cluetrain. This blog is fascinating. It was here I found out about the Kohl’s kerfuffle that I use in tech trend talks. A useful blog that can get readers […]

Blogs as Conversations

remoteImage.jpg Originally uploaded by heyjudegallery. Via HeyJude…. fascinating stuff. http://www.techlearning.com/blog/2007/03/a_problem_with_blogs.php If you are blogging with your students, or you are thinking of blogging with your students, I encourage you to not think of blogs as a writing assignment, but instead to look at them as conversations. Conversations that can give you both feedback about a lesson, or continue a conversation well after a lesson has ended. Blogging brings a new dimension to the classroom. You cannot blog and not change the structure of your classroom. Two great examples of this are Mark Ahlness and Clarence Fisher, both of whom have […]

A Day in Allen County

The folks at Allen County Public Library asked their patrons to take photos on a specific day and then send them in. The created a collection called “A Day in Allen County” for their library Flickr presence. http://flickr.com/photos/acplinfo/sets/72157600001135158/ Hey libraries – you can do this too! How about: A Day in ____________ A Day at the Library (or branch or department) A Day on Campus etc.