5 Blogs Outside Libraryland

Love it! And thanks to Nicole for tagging me. Allow me to add 5 blogs I read beyond the Biblioblogosphere, skipping over trashy celebrity gossip blogs I just might glance at..on occassion…sometimes…

The Copy Blogger: http://www.copyblogger.com/ Insights, tips and “how to’s” for making your blog a standout. Great stuff for librarians writing blog posts for their libraries to consider.

The Church of the Customer Blog: http://www.churchofthecustomer.com/blog/ Customer evangelists. Companies on the Cluetrain. This blog is fascinating. It was here I found out about the Kohl’s kerfuffle that I use in tech trend talks. A useful blog that can get readers thinking about how we meet our “customers.”

Weblogg-ed: http://weblogg-ed.com/ Will Richardson writes about the use and impact of the Read/Write Web in the classroom. His themes and thinking always inspire me to look at libraries differently.

43 Folders: http://www.43folders.com/ From personal productivity guru Merlin Mann is this life hacks and tips blog that just recently added a video blogging component.

Logic + Emotion: http://darmano.typepad.com/logic_emotion/ David Armano blogs about the” intersection of Marketing, Brand Engagement + Experience Design—where passive consumers become active participants.”


Podcasts I enjoy include Grammar Girl (I suggest GG to my students all the time), Mr. Manners and Money Girl, all available at qdnow.com. I also look forward to MacBreak Weekly.