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ACLU Victorious in Defense of Online Free Speech

http://www.aclu.org/freespeech/internet/29138prs20070322.html “Technology evolves at an incredibly rapid pace, and our laws face the challenge of trying to keep up,” said ACLU Senior Staff Attorney Chris Hansen, who was lead counsel on the case. “Americans have the right to participate in the global conversation that happens online every moment of every day, and Congress does not have the right to censor that conversation.” Joan Walsh, editor in chief of Salon.com who was a plaintiff in the case, said that parents, not the government, should control children’s access to information and ideas. “Whether minors should read Salon is a question for their […]

Lazereow Lecture: Does Print Still Matter?

Dominican University Graduate School of Library and Information Science Presents The 2007 ISI® Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture Program Does Print Still Matter? By Brian Kenney, editor-in-chief of School Library Journal Thursday, April 19th, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. Dominican University 7900 West Division Fine Arts Building Eloise Martin Recital Hall Reception immediately following Major media companies—some blatantly, others more subversively—are attempting to shift their print products entirely online. Virtual communities (such as MySpace® and Second Life®) have emerged as major social networks. Visual content (found in Flickr™ and YouTube™) is accessible in new ways, serving as both rich databases and as […]

Academic Libraries & 2.0

http://babyboomerlibrarian.blogspot.com/2005/11/academic-libraries-and-library-20.html From Bill Drew comes an update to a post he wrote in November 2005. Bill created the Library 2.0 ning network and notes: Library 2.0 is not always about replacing more traditional services. It is about extending those services into new areas and starting new ones. It is not change for the sake of change.