ACLU Victorious in Defense of Online Free Speech

“Technology evolves at an incredibly rapid pace, and our laws face the challenge of trying to keep up,” said ACLU Senior Staff Attorney Chris Hansen, who was lead counsel on the case. “Americans have the right to participate in the global conversation that happens online every moment of every day, and Congress does not have the right to censor that conversation.”

Joan Walsh, editor in chief of who was a plaintiff in the case, said that parents, not the government, should control children’s access to information and ideas. “Whether minors should read Salon is a question for their parents, not the government.”

COPA “would essentially abolish visitors’ free, easy and anonymous access to life enhancing, empowering and even life saving public health information in the name of protecting children from harm,” said Mitch Tepper, who was a plaintiff in the case and is the founder and president of the Sexual Health Network, which provides sexual health information for individuals with disabilities.